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Janet Graber

The Secret Chamber of Gwendoline Riston

“Willful ignorance, blind faith, persecution, honor and love, swirl through this novel. A vivid sense of time and place, intensified by the elegant cadence of Gwendoline’s passionate first-person voice.” (Kirkus Revews, starred review)

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“In The Secret Chamber of Gwendoline Riston, author Janet Graber weaves a tale of old that hauntingly echoes our own experience with the Covid-19 pandemic. Young Gwendoline Riston is fearful of the Great Plague and what it will do to her village and her loved ones. To escape the spreading fever Gwendoline hides away in a secret chamber, careful to avoid the villagers ignoring her father’s advice to close off the hamlet. She fights to understand the disease and to do what she can to help her neighbors at the risk of her own safety. Gwendoline’s bravery, intuition, and primitive knowledge of science, shine through in this gripping story as she struggles to survive amidst deadly disease. This story immerses the reader in the healing ways of old, yet feels oddly like today. ” (Susan Latta and Dr. Kristen Latta)

Malcolm Mouse, Explorer

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“Malcolm Mouse, Explorer is a wonderful book about seeking adventure, tackling the unknown, and understanding that being different is sometimes the very best thing one can be. An added bonus; Graber literally knows the territory. A native of Northern England, familiar with ancient castles and wild moorlands, Graber weaves details, description, and a nice dollop of local language into her work, magically transporting readers to the Scottish Highlands where afternoon tea and dainty salad sandwiches are a must!” (Aimée Bissonette, author)

For older readers: The Sting of Love

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“The Sting of Love is a beautifully crafted, can’t-stop-reading novel, set in numerous spots around the world, with a moving and compelling father/ daughter relationship at its heart. Wonderfully authentic with a real sense of time and place. This is a ‘must’ for fans of historical fiction.” (Ruth Caleb OBE, BBC/ Executive Producer)