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The Sting of Love is a beautifully crafted,
can’t-stop-reading novel, set in numerous spots
around the world, with a moving and compelling father/ daughter relationship at its heart.

Wonderfully authentic with a real sense of time and place. This is a ‘must’ for fans of historical fiction.

Ruth Caleb OBE, BBC/Executive Producer

Pre-order now for Spring 2021!

Malcolm Mouse, Explorer is a wonderful book about seeking adventure, tackling the unknown, and understanding that being different is sometimes the very best thing one can be. An added bonus; Graber literally knows the territory. A native of Northern England, familiar with ancient castles and wild moorlands, Graber weaves details, description, and a nice dollop of local language into her work, magically transporting readers to the Scottish Highlands where afternoon tea and dainty salad sandwiches are a must!

Aimée Bissonette, author