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Janet Graber


I enjoy engaging with groups of all ages.

Some suggested presentation topics are included below, all of which can be adapted to age levels and time restraints.  I am happy to customize my presentations to fit your needs.

I prefer now to visit via Zoom.

Please contact me in regard to my availability, and fees when applicable.

K-4 Visits

  • Who Pushed Humpty Off That Wall? (workshop)
  • How Malcolm Mouse Found His Mojo.  (Malcolm Mouse, Explorernow available through Regal House)
  • Cooking Up a Good Story 

Book Clubs

  • The Whys and Wherefores of Writing The Sting of Love.
    Discounts available when purchasing the novel directly from me.

Libraries and Conferences

Suggested Workshops.

  • Top Notch Villains—how to craft baddies to curdle the blood, but manipulate heartstrings at the same time.
  • Zero to Hero—your protagonist is dull and dreary, tiresome and tedious, more grating than great—what to do and how to do it!
  • Transporting Readers Back in Time—think of history as adding depth and texture to plot and character.  Historical details shouldn’t draw attention to themselves but be a seamless part of the character’s world.
  • Stirring Sense(s) into Setting—when readers hear, see, smell and taste their surroundings the stage is set.
  • The Grande Finale—taking your story over the finish line.
Janet Graber

Janet Graber